Monday, June 5, 2017 IMAX releases five environment-themed films for World Environment Day

IMAX Corp. is marking World Environment Day with the release of five documentary films on topics including wildlife protection, ecological threats and air and water pollution, and is making them available on UN Environment’s website.

The eight-minute documentaries are part of IMAX’s In Focus program, which cultivates young filmmakers and provides them an opportunity to tell compelling stories that promote change through film.

Launched in October as part of an IMAX-UN Environment partnership, In Focus is a component of IMAX Big Picture, a corporate social responsibility effort to drive awareness of environmental and societal issues.

Releasing the films on World Environment Day shows “the importance of empowering our youth to use their voices to drive change for a better tomorrow,” said UN Environment Chief Erik Solheim. “We support IMAX’s commitment to helping young filmmakers share these stories with a larger audience, hopefully resulting in changes that create a healthier environment.”

IMAX awarded $5,000 grants to four high school film programs and a non-profit workshop.  Each film program was asked to produce an eight-minute and a four-minute documentary. The films needed to align with three of the Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN in 2015: climate action, life below water, or life on land.

“As a longtime participant in filmed entertainment, IMAX has an obligation to ensure the industry remains strong for decades to come,” said IMAX Chief Executive Rich Gelfond. “Part of that commitment includes cultivating the next generation of filmmakers.”

Click on the following links to watch the films. More details are available here.

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